Twitter CEO, Jack, And Nigeria’s Feminist Group Are Using #EndSARS Protest To Fund LGBTQ Cause — Former Presidential Aspirant, Adams Garba

Former presidential aspirant, Adams Garba revealed what Twitter CEO, Jack, and Nigeria’s feminist group are using #EndSARS protest to fund

In a tweet he shared, the former presidential aspirant accused the #EndSARS frontliners of deceiving Nigerian youths as he insisted that the bitcoin account for the #EndSARS protest was a conduit for funding LGBT activities in Nigeria.

Adamu tweeted;

It is now becoming clearer that @jack and so-called feminist co are using the #EndSARS protest as a conduit for funding the LGBT Cause through his call for payment into the Bitcoin account of same feminist co group We thank God for his mercy & protection against all evil forces.

May God Save the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Why the intolerance @ToolzO? The fact remains the so-called feminist co Bitcoin account was a conduit for funding LGBT activities in Nigeria. Deceiving our brave youth that braces the street demanding #EndSARS . Why would they decent so low to such deceit. God has exposed them.


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