Russian Rapper Chopped To Pieces By His Wife In Front Of 2-Year-Old Son

Russian rapper chopped to piece by his wife in front of their toddlers .

According to Mirror, Russian rapper Andy Cartwright was dismembered by his wife in front of their toddler. Then, his wife allegedly stored his organs in the washing machine while keeping his body in a fridge. Andy Cartwright, real name Alexander Yushko and his wife, Marina Kukha, lived in St Petersburg.

She said that the rapper died of a drug overdose, which she described as an, “inglorious death.” she claims she did not kill him

To hide the death, she used a hacksaw, knife, hammer, plastic bowl, and chopping board to dismember Cartwright’s body over a period of four days. Their 2-year-old son was allegedly home during the entire ordeal.


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