Racism: Kenyan Socialite, Huddah Monroe, Drags Black Men

Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe reacts as about black men being racist to their own black women

According to her, Black men are racist to Black women and treat White women better than they treat Black women.

She wrote

“A place where black man can’t prosper without looking suspect is not a place I can live. America is thrash to me, I have gone their many times but I never felt safe. That place is creepy, they sell y’all a dream.”

She added;

“Police brutality is bad but how alot of black men disrespect their own black women.

“I could careless. I would never go protest on their behalf. To each their own because when you have money. The other race is better than your own. Let them fight for you.

”Keep the same energy! And a lot of black women need to wake up and don’t let nobody disrespect you or make you feel insecure about yourself because you ain’t lighter or whiter. You are beautiful! Remember that!’

“Black men make black women bleach their skin because they idolize lighter skin woman and treat them better

“Imagine that! Racist against your own race! Selfishness of the highest order’ Damn

“A lot of successful black men are super racist to their own black women. Never happened to me but I hear them speak and I put them on check. So let is address this issue of racism on all levels

“Black men are also racist to their own back women. Some foolish bastards think dating a white woman gives him power and makes him look successful. Why will they not disrespects and kill you?

“A White woman only entertain a black man cause of his pocket, not because he looks good or f*cks better. I see how they treat their Nigga boyfriends but bush men think they looking successful.

“Once a Nigga falls off that’s when he remembers his black women. Y’all stupid as f*ck especially black American men and few bush lame African men. Y’all make them feel special and better than you. Why won’t they kill you?”


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