[PHOTO] Don Jazzy Salutes Nigerian Soldiers Fighting Terrorists

Nigerian singer and songwriter and record producer, Don Jazzy celebrate Nigerian soldiers who have dedicated their lives in fighting insurgency.

Taking to his twitter handle, He celebrate the bravery and encouraged families who have their people in the army.

He wrote

We need to understand why it’s constructive to acknowledge the bravery and doggedness of our armed forces’ personnels who have put their lives on the line in the fight against insurgency. We need to come together regardless of our ethnic, religious and political differences…

to show these gallant service men a sense of encouragement. Yes, there has been a lot of setbacks over the years due to many circumstances but I believe we would need a strengthened resolve to win this war.

However, I still think the key to combating extremism-cum-terrorism lies in addressing its social roots and making early interventions. I pray the living victims of this war have the fortitude to bear their losses. Kudos to our unsung heroes. We shall prevail.


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