Lesbianism: Charles Boy’s Daughter, Dewy, Ignores His Plea Not To Be Dragged By Her. Reveals What He Said About Her In A Cha

Charly Boy’s youngest daughter, Dewy Oputa has continued dragging her father after he publicly said he loves her and is proud to have a gay daughter.

Earlier yesterday, November 20, the singer shared a photo he took with his daughter and narrated how he felt when she revealed she’s a lesbian.

He declared support for her and said he is “grateful for the experience of having a gay or lesbian child”.

His daughter, who had called him out in 2018 when he made a similar statement, slammed him again and accused him of using her sexuality to gains “follows”.

Charly Boy, aka Area Fada, responded, telling her not to be like that and assuring her of his love for her.

He then shared another post, revealing that he’s available to offer emotional support to other members of the LGBTQ community whose parents are not accepting of their sexuality.

This angered Dewy and she took to Twitter to slam him in a lengthy thread. She claimed her father doesn’t pick her calls.

She added that she was near homeless and penniless in 2017 after she “got kicked out of the house” because she came out as gay.

She said her father is the “father of the year” on social media but doesn’t care if she’s dead or alive in real life.

She also accused him of “gaslighting” and “hypocrisy”. She went on to share a screenshot of a message where her father referred to her and another child as “useless children” and said that his life would be better without them because they are not the type of children he wants.


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