Bryson Tiller & T-Pain Insist They’re Not Rappers

American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer, Faheem Rasheed Najm, better known by his stage name T-Pain and American singer, songwriter, and rapper, Bryson Djuan Tiller argue that they are influenced by rap, but should not be considered rap artists.

T pain wrote

I. AM. NOT. A. RAPPER!!!! Do ppl legit think I’m Sprung, Stripper, Buy u a drank, bartender, etc. are RAP songs?! Some of them even hav a rapper ON em!!! Do y’all think my verses on byad were rap verses? Do y’all for real think that’s me trying to rap? Have you heard rap? CHRIST!

Tiller Bryson wrote

we both deal with this bro. we’re just inspired by Rap music (as we should be because what’s life without Rap music) but at the Core it’s R&B!! Rapper Turnt Sanga! Sanga Turnt Rapper! perspective


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