Bride Hits Back At Criticism She Received After Sharing Sexually Suggestive Photos From Her Wedding Day

    Tash Kingston, 22, lived the ultimate bridal dream when she wedded her longtime beau Cameron in Queensland, Australia.

    Online critics however tried to spoil the fun by raining condemnation on sexually suggestive pictures she and her groom took to mark the joyous occasion.

    During their official wedding photo shoot, the bride dropped to her knees to simulate a sex act.

    Mrs Kingston uploaded the cheeky photos to a private Facebook group, but people online didn’t respond with the same amusement.

    ‘I think it’s trashy as. Not how I would want to remember my wedding day,’ one woman wrote.

    ‘I’m just thinking about the kids going through the album and seeing it and going: ”Mummy, what are you doing to Daddy?”,’ another person criticised.

    Mrs Kingston said she was shocked at the amount of disparaging comments she received from other women.

    ‘Sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but this was our day and we did what we wanted to do,’ she said.

    ‘I never shared it on the page for ”feedback”. I shared it to give other couples and idea should it suit their sense of humour’.

    She said the belittling comments she received is a result of women being too judgmental of other women.


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